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We have set ourselves two major tasks: promoting education and improving the health care of children and young people in Tanzania.

In development aid, there are various approaches to supporting children and young people in the world's poorest areas. We consider the promotion of education to be the most important and sustainable branch of these efforts.

Real change and a further development of society can only come from a young, well-educated generation.
' Help for self-help ' is the guiding principle of our projects in order to improve the education of children and adolescents in Tanzania.

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Tanzania is one of the countries with the highest child mortality in the world. In East Africa, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and malnutrition pose a threat to the lives of children and adolescents.

Health is a fundamental human right and we cannot stand idly by, while countless children have no or only insufficient access to treatment and prevention of disease. For this reason, we initiated various health promotion projects as the second cornerstone of our work in Tanzania.

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