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LaKiTa-i n f u s i o n u n i t

Cry for help from Dareda – no infusions in hospital

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Patienten pro Tag


Geburten pro Jahr

150 patients are treated daily at the Dareda hospital. Every year, approximately 3,000 children born. The lack of infusions would cost more than 3 people daily, including children and newborns.

We need your help in order to continue supplying the Dareda hospital with infusions. For many years, all infusions were made in a separate “infusion unit” in the Dareda hospital. In this way, the hospital was able to ensure cost-effective, independent and sustainable patient care. However, this unit, which has come into the years, is no longer in line with the current hygiene standards. A safe production of infusion solutions is no longer possible. The hospital was set by the competent health authority an official deadline until the end of the year 2018 to completely renew the infusion unit. If no modernization has taken place, no more infusions may be made. Within a few weeks, all supplies will be depleted. As a result of the lack of liquid and medication, people would be harmed every day. Many patients, including children in particular, would cost their lives.

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We let the patients

Not in the lurch

and take over:


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The construction has begun!

In September 2018, our two board members visited Dr. Med. Sebastian Röder and Micha Winter Stein the Dareda hospital. Using the donations collected in the months before, we were able to lay the foundation stone of the project. Together with the doctors, pharmacists and engineers in Dareda, the blueprints for the new infusion unit were created in advance. On site, these could be put into action within a short time. In the first week a floor slab was concreted after the strip foundations were planted. The walls of the new infusion unit were built within a few days.

There’s a lot of work to be done in 2019, too!

In January, our 1 was. Chairman Timo and His Companions Christoph and Andi on Site and have done an impressive Job in three Weeks. In order to Complete the vital Infusion Unit at the Hospital, only the Interior design and Installation of the Sterilization Device are currently missing.


The roof, the interior and a new sterilization unit (autoclave) are now missing for the completion of the new plant. In order to advance the project and continue to provide patients with infusions, we depend on your support.

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Purpose of Use: LaKiTa-infusion Unit 2018

Donation Address:

LaKiTa – Laughing Children Tanzania Iban: DE39 7805 0000 0222 2645 25 bic: BYLADEM1HOF Sparkasse High Franconia

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