The LakiTa 5-Year Anniversary

On a beautiful Saturday on the 6th. July 2019, we celebrated the LaKiTa 5 thin anniversary following our annual general meeting. 

Five years earlier, our 1st Chairman Timo from Tanzania returned to Germany and decided to work with his own association for the children in the Tanzanian village of Dareda. A nice parallel to this year! Because our two volunteers, Maria and Andi, had also only returned from Dareda a few days earlier. 

Nearly 100 tense listeners listened to the interesting lecture prepared by the two volunteers and our board members Timo and Sebastian together at the Gasthof Haidhölzl. From the history of the association to current topics and goals to the successes of various projects in Dareda, the audience was welcomed in the LaKiTa world. The emotional account of Andi and Maria put a smile on the lips of many of the guests. In addition to familiar faces, we were also able to welcome many new interested parties to our great joy. 

Many of the projects that have been in place for a number of years have been very successful. More than 100 children now attend the LaKiTa English Medium School. LaKiTa also continues to support the dareda hospital projects. For example, the Food Project, which provides food for particularly needy children during a hospital stay. Or the HIV consultation, which ensures the regular provision and care of children with the survival-important antiviral therapy. But the biggest news we were able to announce with pride and enthusiasm was the completion of the project "Infusion Unit". A year earlier, we had voted on the €30,000 project at our annual general meeting. 365 days later, the first self-made infusions could be used in the hospital. We would like to thank all those who made this life-saving project possible!

But what would all these projects be without the people who help and the people who benefit them. Over the past five years, cooperation with the people of Dareda has not only become important and trusting contacts. Much more have emerged from this deep friendships, which have developed and maintained over the years despite the many kilometres away.

Personal relationships, humanity and the joy of working together – we were able to celebrate all this together with all guests during the afternoon. With beer cart and barbecue goods, the physical well-being was well taken care of. Not only the music brought Tanzanian life energy, but also the many stories of those who were already on site in Dareda and could tell of great memories. And also the sunset made some people think back to the beautiful sunsets on the other side of the equator…

Celebrating five years of LaKiTa was and is a matter of the heart for us. Thanks to the help of many volunteer donors, our large number of members and many volunteers, we are proud and grateful for everything that has developed during this time. 

We look forward to the next five years! ❤

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